Choose Tour De France Self-Guided Bike Tours

France is one of the most splendid places on the globe that can be explored by taking up bike tours. But, if you go for a self-guided cycling tour, you will without any doubt experience the best of the lifetime. Here are a few reasons that make you consider self-guided bike tours.

Fun & Fitness

Biking is not just a fun but keeps you fit as well. Numerous travelers from across the globe are worried about their daily workout routine that a self-guided biking tour fulfills efficiently. You get to paddle for around 24 to 40 miles a day, counting approximately 4 to 6 hours. Keeping aside long stretches, surprisingly, the path en-route to every destination is perfect for biking. All these things contribute significantly to the general level of fitness, specifically when you opt for a biking tour.

Absolute Convenience

Getting rid of the hassles to arrange and administrate the entire trip is the beauty of the self guided bike tours. The books and the necessary equipment required along with the pre-paid hotel are provided by the tour operator in addition to the instructions for the navigation. Moreover, your luggage from one hotel to another is even transported by the tour provider. Even though some of the hardcore bikers can pack their belongings on the bike itself and move on.

Full Anonymity & Independence

No matter the accommodation for every night along with the breakfasts is already arranged in the hotels, but the itinerary apart from this is truly self-guided. You get an illustrative guide describing the suggested route with the things to see along the way. Moreover, you are free to take any number of pauses without any time limitation, unlike a guided tour. You are free to take any shortcut or alternative route. Remember, lunches and dinners are on your own, also available as an additional option for some bike tour packages.

Wonderful Experience

Opting for a biking tour is a perfect way to experience the diversity of sights, daily life and culture of every region. In addition, it even lets you catch a real glimpse into the corners of the country you would never experience while driving, flying or opting for a bus tour. Biking tour usually covers a lot of ground, including an array of beaches, parks, farms, citiesFeature Articles, towns and villages.

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